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Santa Clara Law School Gets Creative

Santa Clara Law Logo.JPGAre you familiar with Second Life? It’s a virtual world where real people can interact and do business with other real people, without the pesky interference of “the mortal coil.”

Santa Clara Law has decided to take this phenomenon to what I suppose is its logical conclusion. Competing to attract the best students, Santa Clara will host an application workshop in Second Life tomorrow. From the press release:

Posing as her own self-created avatar, “Penny Canucci,” SCU Law School Dean of Admissions Jeanette Leach will play host to prospective students who sign in for the event, taking place from 6 to 8 p.m. at “Santa Clara Island” on Second Life.

They’ll view a video welcome from Santa Clara Law Dean Donald Polden (appearing in real-life video footage, not as an avatar). After Leach’s workshop, participants will be able to ask questions of the admissions office staff and gather information about applying to Santa Clara Law.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when dealing with a digital generation that finds face-to-face interaction “a little weird,” I guess your only choice is to jack into the Matrix.

More on Santa Clara’s Second Life strategy after the jump.

Second Life Santa Clara.JPGI’ve not experienced Second Life. Between my Rock Band, my WoW guild, the constant Mongol encroachment on my ancestral lands, my never-ending quest to destroy all who don the mask of Yoshimitsu, and blogging for ATL, I’ve long since lost the ability to distinguish my real life from the virtual realities I’ve created for myself.

But Santa Clara thinks this Second Life idea has some real legs:

“We believe we are the first law school in the United States to use Second Life to interact with prospective students,” says Julia Yaffee, senior assistant dean of external relations. “We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the most vibrant business centers in

the world and home of world leaders in the technology industry, so it only makes sense for us to reach out to prospective students in a high tech way.”

“We need to meet prospective students where they are, and more and more, we find potential law students in various online arenas, including virtual worlds,” added Yaffee. “This is an exciting opportunity for us to offer a live application workshop that prospective students from around the world can attend.”

If Second Life is good enough for Judge Richard Posner, then it should be good enough for prospective law students. Maybe Santa Clara alum Leon Panetta will be at the event — though I suppose if you talk to him, he’ll have to kill you.

Santa Clara law students could have their law librarian to thank for the school’s foray into the virtual world. Sources report that the new law librarian over at Santa Clara is an avid Second Lifer. In addition, we’ve learned that Santa Clara has hosted other legal seminars in Second Life, over at “Santa Clara Island.”

Welcome to the future.

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