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ATL World Exclusive: Paparazzi Photos of Cass Sunstein and Samantha Power!

National Enquirer Cass Sunstein Samantha Power.jpgThe world is obsessed with celebrity professors Cass Sunstein and Samantha Power, who recently left the ivory tower to take high-ranking positions in the Obama Administration. He might someday sit on the Supreme Court; she’s a winner of the Pulitzer Prize; and together, as we previously reported (see the update), they’re creating the World’s Smartest Baby.

How many HLS grads turned Harvard professors get named Fun Couple of the 21st Century by Esquire? The article begins:

If The Chronicle of Higher Education had paparazzi, a few of them would be camped outside this office right now.

The office is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and inside are two Harvard professors. The first — a tall woman in her thirties with long red hair — is wrapped in a wool blanket…. The second — a slightly older man who looks a bit like William Hurt — wears a dark suit and is twirling a Wilson tennis racket, a favorite habit of his. They’re talking about the usual — Obama, the fight against extremism, the future of the Supreme Court. And also, who should order flowers for the priest who helped them out with wedding plans.

In a week, they’re getting married in a small church in Ireland — a fact that, if those paparazzi did exist, would send them into a Brad-and-Angelina tizzy.

Oh, but such paparazzi do exist. Harvard Law School student “Percy Thrillington” snapped a few photos of the happy couple, in an HLS parking lot — the small parking lot just off Mass. Ave., next to the International Legal Studies library. They were unloading what said tipster described as “a rather dorky-looking red PT Cruiser.”

Chief Justice John G Roberts JGR PT Cruiser.jpg(Hey, Percy, lay off the PT Cruiser. If it’s good enough for Chief Justice John Roberts — see photo at right — then it’s good enough for Cass and Sam.)

After a heated bidding war between top tabloid publications — bids climbed well into the six figures, allowing Percy to pay for his law school education — ATL emerged victorious. We now proudly present exclusive photographs of the world’s leading legal-academic couple.

Check out paparazzi pics of the Power couple, after the jump.

How did Percy Thrillington come across these shots?

A few months ago, during the first week of school, I noticed Sunstein and Powers in the parking lot, taking some stuff out of their car (I think moving it into Sunstein’s office). Having followed your blog’s coverage of this ultimate legal power couple, and having a camera handy, I inconspicuously took a few snapshots.

Maybe a little stalker-ish. But they were in public, and it’s a free country, right?

Indeed. You don’t need to be a Fourth Amendment expert to know that nobody has a reasonable expectation of privacy in a parking lot. Especially not legal celebrities like Cass ‘n Sam.

To see the photos, spin through the slideshow in the following pages. As you’ll see, there were no bodyguards in sight. The good professors were carrying their own things, unaided by an entourage — or even a gaggle of research assistants.

Legal academic celebrities: they’re just like us!

(hidden for your protection)

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