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Biglaw Reversed Perk Watch: No More Tech Stipend at Weil

Weil.gifFor Biglaw technophiles, one of the nicest firm perks is the technology stipend: a couple of thousand dollars to lavish on a new shiny toy. With the BlackBerry Curve 8900 debuting to rave reviews, and rumors in the tech world of a new iPhone on the horizon, there are lots of toys to get worked up about these days.

Alas, associates at Weil, Gotshal & Manges will not be taking part in the tech spending frenzy. One associate reports that their stipend fell victim to economic pressures last week:

They eliminated our $2K tech stipend for first and second years ($4K for the first two years). It was a bit strange, though, because anyone who had used their $2K before today gets reimbursed. So if you bought a laptop yesterday, you get a laptop. Otherwise, no laptop for you!

Congratulations to all Weil associates who placed their laptop orders in the first two weeks of January.

Tech toys are not the only perk being reversed. The associate tells us that the partner mentoring budget was cut as well.

What’s the latest perk erosion at your firm? Feel free to discuss in the comments or to send us a tip.

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