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Lawyers Aren’t The Only Ones Getting Laid Off

Publishing industry layoffs bailout.JPGWe’ve been reporting extensively on lawyer layoffs, but it’s important to remember that a downturn in the legal profession ripples through many other fields and careers. Today’s sad news comes from our friends at Incisive Media, publisher of well-known brands like American Lawyer magazine and the National Law Journal. Incisive media released this statement about its recent cuts:

As has been reported in trade outlets, Incisive Media eliminated 42 positions last week. These layoffs were distributed across positions in both business and news departments in the entire company’s North American units, which includes 31 legal and real estate publications, as well as our events group.

As you know, these are extremely difficult economic times for all media organizations and we deeply regret the loss of many valuable employees who have contributed much to Incisive. Unfortunately, every media company is facing issues similar to ours, as digital publishing rewrites the rules and economics of our business.

The cuts represent roughly 4% of Incisive Media’s overall staff.

Once we get through bailing out the banks and the automakers and people who can’t afford their mortgages, can we get some federal money for the publishing industry?

“Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.”

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