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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 2.15: First-Rate

champagne glasses small.jpgThere was no LEWW last Friday because last week’s wedding pages were even bleaker than the Biglaw employment news. We’ve bounced back nicely, though, because Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday this year, making this week’s weddings section a February feast of premium nuptial news.

We present three outstanding couples for your consideration:

1. Parisa Sabeti and Ted Zagat

2. Jessica Holzer and Hans Nichols

3. Kendall Burman and Eric Volkman

Check out these newlyweds’ résumés and pictures, after the jump.

Sabeti-Zagat.jpg1. Parisa Sabeti and Ted Zagat

(Buy them a picture frame.)

The Case:

– Lovely all-Ivy credentials here. The bride has an undergraduate degree from Brown and a law degree from Columbia. She works for the William J. Clinton Foundation. The groom has both an undergraduate degree and a MBA from Harvard; he works for Univision.

– Ted is the son of Nina and Tim Zagat, founders of the ubiquitous Zagat surveys, which now rate everything from airlines to zoos. Nina and Tim, who met as students as Yale Law School, are basically Juno and Jupiter in the Pantheon of YLS Grads Doing Cool Stuff.

The Case Against:

– Nothing. We award them 25 points for looks, 27 for education, and 28 for pedigree.

Holzer-Nichols4.jpeg.jpg2. Jessica Holzer and Hans Nichols

(Buy them a spatula.)

The Case:

– More Ivy-clad goodness! Jessica is a graduate of Princeton and has a master’s in international affairs from Johns Hopkins. She’s a reporter for Dow Jones Newswires. Hans was magna at Cornell; he also has a master’s the London School of Economics and a law degree from GW. He works as a White House correspondent for Bloomberg News.

– Hans (doesn’t he just look like a Hans?) studied “international justice” in Sierra Leone in 2005 as a Fulbright scholar.

The Case Against:

– View various pictures of the groom posing nerdily here.

Burman-Volkman3 copy.jpg3. Kendall Burman and Eric Volkman

(Buy them a garment bag.)

The Case:

– Even without a single Ivy League degree, this profile packs plenty of prestige. The bride, who graduated from Bowdoin and has a JD from the University of Chicago, was the chief staff counsel to the Obama campaign and last month was named an associate counsel to the President.

– Eric went to Haverford and has a JD from UVA. He’s an associate at Latham in DC.

The Case Against:

– We love this interview from the WSJ Law Blog, where Kendall is reluctantly forced into admitting that she got the Obama gig in part because her daddy’s a partner at Perkins Coie, the campaign’s outside counsel.

The Verdict:

– LEWW admires all three couples, but this is one of those times when our weakness for Ivy League degrees must yield to our admiration for people who rise to the top without them, using grit, determination, and the influence of well-connected parents. Team Burman-Volkman takes this week’s crown on the strength of its two law degrees and coveted spot on the Obama legal team. Epic SUCCEED!

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