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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 2.22: Six Non Blondes

champagne glasses small.jpgWe interrupt today’s blood-letting to bring you the latest from the NYT weddings page. In keeping with the dark mood around here, all of this week’s contestants are brunettes. Here they are:

1. Sophie Jensen and Robert Lalley

2. Vicky Hallett and Jeffrey Miller

3. Gillian Deutch and Daniel Solinsky

See which of these newlyweds still have jobs, after the jump.

Jensen-Lalley.jpg1. Sophie Jensen and Robert Lalley

(Buy them an ice bucket.)

The Case:

– This two-lawyer pair met as students at Albany Law School. The bride was cum laude at Union College; the groom went to SUNY-Buffalo and has a master’s from SUNY-Albany.

– Sophie began a new job this week as an assistant district attorney in Binghamton, NY. Robert works as legal counsel for BAE Systems.

The Case Against:

– Everything in their write-up happened in the state of New York, yet none of it happened in New York City.

Hallett-Miller.jpg2. Vicky Hallett and Jeffrey Miller

(Buy them some spaghetti tongs.)

The Case:

– This Washington wedding features the fitness columnist for the Washington Post (the bride), and a 2L at American Law School (the groom).

– Vicky’s undergraduate degree is from Harvard; Jeffrey graduated from Haverford and has a master’s in European politics from Oxford. He was also a Fulbright fellow at Berlin’s Humboldt University, studying the German welfare system.

The Case Against:

– Not many Harvard girls dream of one day standing under the huppah with an American Law student. Vicky must be marrying for love — or the Fulbright.

Deutch-Solinsky.jpg3. Gillian Deutch and Daniel Solinsky

(Buy them a cutting board.)

The Case:

– Another two-lawyer pair, this one from Yeshiva’s Cardozo School of Law. The bride, who apparently goes by “Gilly,” is a graduate of MIT; the groom went to Penn.

– The bride is employed! She’s an associate in DLA Piper’s New York office.

The Case Against:

– Daniel’s employment status, on the other hand, is murky. The write-up only says vaguely that he “is a litigation lawyer in New York.” We wonder if he’s a “litigation lawyer” in the same sense that those poor 440 souls “work at Latham.”

The Verdict:

It’s a sign of these troubled times that LEWW must reluctantly award top honors to two Albany grads simply because both of them happen to be employed. Congratulations, Team Jensen-Lalley.