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Morning Docket 02.16.09

presidents day rushmore.jpgHappy Presidents’ Day! Or Washington and Lincoln Day. Or George Washington Day for Virginians. Or Washington and Jefferson Day if you’re in Alabama. Whatever you call it, we hope you have it off; we do. In honor of the executive branch, ATL will be on a reduced publication schedule today.

* Adam Cohen asks, “Is the Supreme Court About to Kill Off the Exclusionary Rule?” [New York Times]

* A Facebook status update for Quinn Emmanuel might say “Whoops.” A firm PR newsletter bragged about the $65 million that its client ConnectU got out of Facebook… in a confidential settlement. [Los Angeles Times]

* Good news for those looking for work: U.S. Attorneys’ offices in New York have vacancies. Bad news: they may not have the money to fill the empty spots. [Newsday]

* Open-government advocates want PACER to be as easy to use as Google, and free. [New York Times]

* Lawsuit of the Day: iFart Mobile vs. Pull My Finger. [VentureBeat]

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