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Nationwide Layoff Watch: Dechert Lets Go 10 Staff Attorneys

Dechert logo.JPGRemember when being a staff attorney was a viable option in the Biglaw universe? As we have previously reported, many big firms are laying off their staff attorneys. Today, Dechert adds its name to that growing trend.

Within the past few hours, we received a number of tips about staff attorney layoffs at Dechert.

Our sources tell us that Dechert will lay off 10 staff attorneys today. The number accounts for about 1/4th of the firm’s total staff attorney force.

Dechert laid off 19 attorneys two weeks ago, and 72 staffers back in December. So this news should not be particularly surprising.

But it is another indication that the economic crisis is taking a toll on all types of Biglaw employment.

Good luck to the 10 staff attorneys leaving Dechert.

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