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Nationwide Pay Freeze Watch: Lexis Parties Like It’s 2008

Lexis.jpgLexis employees who Shepardize “Lexis salaries” may now find a red stop sign attached to their search results. Last Tuesday, the powers that be at Lexis sent around a company-wide email announcing that 2009 salaries would be frozen at 2008 levels for all employees:

In order to address what is shaping up to be a more challenging 2009, the senior LexisNexis management team, which includes the leaders of all business and functional units, has had to make some difficult decisions. These decisions include freezing salaries at 2008 levels across all of LexisNexis Group…Except for a promotion or when an increase is required by local law, no one in LexisNexis Group will receive an increase in 2009.

Salary freezes these day are as common as HPV, but a tipster reports that Lexis’ freeze is actually surprising given an earlier announcement:

This is after they announced on a company-wide call in December that there would be a 2% pool for raises.

What’s Locke Lord Bisell got to do with it, after the jump.

Even if Lexis is a flip flopper, salary freezes stink. But layoffs are decidedly worse. And if you’re wondering if layoffs are coming down the pipeline, Lexis doesn’t pretend to be psychic. But you don’t have to be a psychic to read between the lines:

It is our sincere hope that these steps will enable us to otherwise minimize any job reductions to deal with the economic downturn. Of course, no one knows how the balance of 2009 will unfold.

Recall that Lexis already laid off approximately 300 employees in April 2008, and that was even before the economy went to hell. The additional salary freeze measure can mean one of only two things: either Lexis is really feeling the pinch these days or Locke Lord Bissell’s switch to Loislaw was a massive blow of untold proportions.

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