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So, What Are We Calling Today Exactly?

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Based on my informal count, some 585 attorneys and staffers were laid off yesterday or today. And that is not counting however many people are hitting the street from Holland & Knight today (we are still waiting on a firm statement of official numbers), or however many 3Ls were essentially fired from Luce Forward today when their offers were rescinded.

As I said earlier, maybe we can explain some of this by a collective attempt to avoid giving people bad news on Friday the 13th. It could also be an attempt by firms to let people go before anybody takes off for the long weekend coming up.

Still, it seems to me like today deserves its own special name. Sure we can call it “black Thursday,” that’s already happened before.

Take the poll below to register support for your preferred moniker. Or supply additional suggestions that the ATL editing crew didn’t come up with.

In the meantime, I’ll be pouring out a forty for the fallen.

Update (5:50): Change that count to 828. The WSJ Law Blog is now reporting that Holland & Knight laid off 70 lawyers and 173 staffers. Check here for our Holland & Knight coverage from this afternoon.

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