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ATL March Madness for Law Firms, Round 1 (Part 1): Which Biglaw Firm is Safest?

Above the law march madness.jpg[Ed. note: To catch up on the latest round of the tournament, check out the March Madness 2009 category thread.]

The NCAA basketball tournament starts up this week. If your team is already out, or you’re only half-heartedly rooting for your team (Sigh. Go Duke.), we are offering you a different contest to take part in. And this is better than the NCAA tournament, because you’re not just a sixth man watching from the sidelines; you get to determine the course of the tournament through voting.

We’ve held March Madness NCAA-tournament style competitions before. UVA won the 2007 competition for coolest law school, and last year Latham eked out a victory over Cleary for coolest law firm.

Since Latham recently, um, cut a number of players from its team, we don’t think we can let it keep its crown, so we’re revisiting Biglaw firms with the 2009 ATL March Madness tournament. But rather than comparing “cool,” in a nod to the current climate, we are comparing “safe.” We bring you….


We’ve set up brackets based on Vault seeds. Thirty-two firms are entering the tournament. We invite you to vote on which firms are better at lay-ups than layoffs. At which firm are you least likely to lose your job?

After the jump, we give you the brackets, and the first eight match-ups. Look out for the next eight match-ups on Thursday. The polls close Sunday at midnight.

Without further ado, here are the brackets, with Vault prestige rank in parentheses:

2009 March Madness brackets above the law.jpg

And here are the first eight match-ups. Which firms are the safest?

Polls close Sunday at midnight. Look out for the next eight match-ups on Thursday.

UPDATE: Vote in the other eight “games” here: ATL March Madness for Law Firms, Round 1 (Part 2): Which Biglaw Firm is Safest?

Earlier: 2008 March Madness – And the winner is… Latham!

2007 March Madness – Congratulations to America’s Coolest Law School: UVA!

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