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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 3.8: Upper Register

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Just two lawyer weddings show up on the Legal Eagle Wedding Watch this week, but both are vigorous, Ivy-licious contenders. There’s even a juicy clerkship in the mix to herald the approach of spring!

Here are our finalists:

1. Allison Podell and Bradley Saft

2. Dina Mishra and Benjamin Shultz

More about these couples’ qualifications, after the jump.


1. Allison Podell and Bradley Saft

(Buy them a coffee pot.)

The Case:

– This lovely blonde bride has an undergraduate degree from our beloved University of Pennsylvania and a JD from NYU. The groom bests his wife, though, with an undergrad degree from Princeton and a MBA from Harvard.

– Lawyers abound in this write-up. Bradley’s dad, Stuart Saft, is a big-time partner in real estate at Dewey & LeBoeuf; he’s also written 38 books on real estate law. Allison’s father is the managing partner at Podell, Schwartz, Schechter & Banfield, a “real-estate tax law firm” in New York (website under construction).

The Case Against:

– Allison, like her father and father-in-law, practices real estate law. Fine, but the fact that she happens to be a big star at her daddy’s law firm leaves us underwhelmed.

– Really, six registries?

2. Dina Mishra and Benjamin Shultz

(Buy them a shower curtain.)

The Case:

– This couple’s only non-Harvard degree is from YLS, so let the slobbering commence. They were both summa at the big H, he was magna at HLS, and she’s a 3L at Yale.

– The groom is on the appellate staff of the civil division at DoJ. The bride will be starting a clerkship for First Circuit superstar Michael Boudin in June.

– The couple had a Jewish-Hindu wedding ceremony. This article explains that Dina is one of many “HinJews,” the daughter of a Jewish mother and a Hindu father.

The Case Against:

– No picture, and pretty lean write-up overall (it doesn’t even say what their parents do). But really, what more do you need?

The Verdict:

– HLS + YLS + DoJ + top-tier clerkship = a solid win for Team Mishra-Shultz. Congratulations!