Morning Docket

Morning Docket 03.11.09

Lsat.jpg* A law professor and a psychology professor at Berkeley are proposing a test to replace the LSAT. Their test seeks to measure 26 lawyerly “effectiveness factors” with a series of hypothetical situations, rather than focusing on analytical ability. We hope they leave in at least one logic game, just for kicks. [New York Times]

* Europeans debate castration for sex offenders. Unlike in the U.S., surgical castration is still allowed in some European countries. Of course, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and California, among others, go for the chemical kind. [International Herald Tribune]

* Bernard Madoff expected to plead guilty tomorrow and will go to prison forever. [Newsday]

* Start archiving the death threats made against you now, because you never know when the New York Times will interview you. Madoff attorney Ike Sorkin pulls out an old yellowed death threat newspaper clipping from 1975 for this story. [New York Times]

* The ship that is first year associate salaries be sinking. [Chicago Tribune]

* The Blackberry be sinking too. [PCWorld]

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