h rodgin cohen sullivan cromwell above the law copy.jpg* The American Lawyer gives you its list of the top 25 dealmakers of 2008. H. Rodgin Cohen of Sullivan & Cromwell came out on top thanks to his work on bank bailouts. [The American Lawyer]

* Judge James Munley ruled that teens taking naked cell phone photos of themselves does not constitute “child pornography.” Teens in Wyoming Pennsylvania, sext all you want! [Reuters]

* A California lawyer says she’s launching a Craigslist-like site for recent law grads and out-of-work lawyers to advertise their services. It sounds more like Match.com to us though. You’ve got to pay to create a profile pitching yourself. [AmLaw Daily]

* New York AG Andrew Cuomo sticks it to the banking Man, forcing JPMorgan Chase to drop a flat monthly fee from its credit card accounts. [CNN Money]

* Peter Madoff is appealing the ruling freezing his assets in the $2 million lawsuit filed against him by Brooklyn Law student Andrew Samuels. [Bloomberg]

* A highly unusual plea bargain in Maryland. Charges against a 22-year-old woman will be dropped if she testifies against other cult members… and her son rises from the dead. [Washington Post]

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