Nationwide Layoff Watch: Closing the Loop on Chicago

Goldberg Kohn logo.jpgThe National Law Journal reports that Goldberg Kohn has made deep cuts:

Goldberg Kohn, a Chicago law firm with 77 lawyers, last week cut about one-quarter of its associates and dismissed support staff as part of a cost-savings effort that will also include reducing pay and scaling back its summer associate program….

The pay cuts for the partners and staff vary, depending on the individuals. The firm now has 29 associates and 48 partners.

Never heard of Goldberg Kohn? I’ll let a tipster describe it:

Smaller but self-declared “elite” firm in Chicago.

Based on what other self-described elite firms are doing, Goldberg Kohn is fitting right in:

Goldberg Kohn said it is also reducing the length of its summer associate program this year to eight weeks and has delayed the start date for its incoming class of first-year associates.

The Wall Street Journal reports that college towns are the places to go to hide out from the recession. Maybe laid off Chicago associates can go to Ann Arbor?

Midsize Chicago firm cuts one quarter of associates, reduces salaries for partners [National Law Journal]

Why College Towns Are Looking Smart [Wall Street Journal]

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