March 2009

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    Mystery Meeting at Troutman Sanders

    Yes, we live in a world where any firm wide meeting has to be greeted with a sense of “oh, crap.” But that doesn’t mean we can’t still hold out hope that one of these meetings will end up being completely benign. We just received word that Troutman Sanders has scheduled an all staff meeting […]

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    Bill of Attainder? Communist Revolution? Fire Bad?

    Let’s take a closer look at the torches and pitchforks the U.S. Congress is brandishing. As you have undoubtedly heard, Congress overwhelming passed the 90% tax on “things we don’t like.” 85 Republicans joined the fracas, so this is a bipartisan ex post facto effort. Our sister site, Dealbreaker, has already weighed in on the […]

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    Musical Chairs: Skadden Partners Jumping Ship

    You don’t see this everyday. Two D.C.-based partners of Skadden Arps partners are leaving the firm. And it’s not even to work for the government. The two Skadden D.C. litigators are Andrew Sandler and Benjamin Klubes. Associates were told in group meetings late yesterday afternoon. Skadden furnished Above the Law with the following statement: Andrew […]

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  • Layoffs

    International Layoff Watch: Mayer Brown Layoffs in London

    Good morning. I hope you enjoyed your evening. Welcome back to your daily carnage report. We just received word that Mayer Brown expects to lay off 55 lawyers and staff. Here’s the internal memo that went out to U.S. employees early this morning: In recent weeks, Mayer Brown has undertaken various actions to respond to […]

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    Morning Docket 3.20.09

    * AIG turned in the list of bonus recipients to New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo yesterday–let the games begin. Just kidding, I too fear for the safety of heavily compensated AIG executives–there is nothing scarier than an angry progressive. [The Los Angeles Times] * Dispensers of medical marijuana have room to breathe after Attorney […]

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    Loyola OCI Follow-Up

    On Tuesday, I told you about Loyola Law School’s OCI policy of preventing students who had outstanding transfer applications from participating in Loyola’s on-campus interviewing program. I suggested that the policy was unfair: It’s totally understandable for Loyola to want to service people who are happy to be at Loyola. But every student paying tuition […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 03.19.09

    * Not that anybody asked me, but I think Jeff Steiner should be a little less judgmental towards his laid off friends that are “partying” instead of “diligently volunteering and considering his next career steps.” It really doesn’t take all day to send out resumes and refresh your barren email account, and some people are […]

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  • UNC Law

    Snafu at UNC Law Raises Hopes, Then Dashes Them

    There was a snafu over in the admissions department at UNC Law School. A tipster reports the basic details: UNC Law sent out a number of e-mail invitations to their admitted student weekend today leading to the recipients of the e-mail believing they had been accepted. 15 minutes later they sent out this e-mail to […]

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    Nationwide Layoff Watch: Instant Reports From The Katten Meeting

    Earlier today, we reported that Katten was holding a firm wide meeting this afternoon. Predictably, the talks soon turned to layoffs. Here is what some of the people who were at the meeting are telling us: 20% pay cut if average billables were less than 150 last year and less than 145 for the last […]

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  • Start Dates

    Ropes & Gray: Defers Start Dates, Offers ‘New Alternatives’ For All Associates

    Ropes & Gray is locked in a fierce battle with Davis Polk in our ATL Bracket (remember, voting doesn’t close until Sunday). I’m not sure if this latest news helps or hurts their chances. Ropes isn’t laying anybody off, but it is deferring the start dates for its incoming first year associates. The firm informed […]

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    This Week in Sponsored Content

    Each week, Above the Law’s sponsors generate content for your edification and entertainment. You can find their posts in Sponsored Content, which runs along the right-hand side of the ATL main page. Here are the latest offerings: 1. Ask the Experts: Straight Talk on Bankruptcy Hiring How hard is it to break into bankruptcy? Lateral […]

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    Biglaw Brawl: Cravath’s Chesler v. K&L’s Kalis

    It’s not unusual for Biglaw partners to find themselves on opposite sides of the ring when they face off on behalf of clients in litigation. But Cravath, Swaine & Moore’s Evan Chesler and K&L Gates’s Peter Kalis are staring each other down for a different reason: their opinions on law firm billing structures. Not as […]

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  • Staff Layoffs

    Staff Layoff Watch: Jenner Block Has More Bad News For Chicago

    It’s been a rough week in Chicago. Sidley laid off 229 people, something is happening at Katten today, and we have received confirmation that Jenner & Block has had to lay off 34 staffers. Above the Law obtained this official statement from Jenner’s managing partner, Susan Levy: Given the efficiency and productivity gains from these […]

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    ATL March Madness for Law Firms, Round 1 (Part 2):
    Which Biglaw Firm is Safest?

    Something is going down at Katten today. Multiple tipsters report that a firm wide meeting has been scheduled in each Katten office for 2:00 p.m. central time today. According to the email announcing the meeting, the purpose is: [T]o discuss the Firm’s Plan for dealing with the continuing weak economy and how that plan relates […]

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    Associates Scrambling For Public Interest Jobs

    On Monday, we mentioned some of the difficulties deferred associates face when looking for the right public interest job. Today, AmLaw has an interesting piece on just how difficult it is for firms and law schools to find appropriate placements for 3Ls who will not be able to start with their firms in the fall: […]

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  • Sweet Hot Justice

    The Deadliest Sin?

    [Ed. Note: The following piece was authored by “The Legal Tease” of Sweet Hot Justice fame. You can check out all of Legal Tease’s other musings from Sweet Hot Justice here.] A few things are bound to happen when you spend 76 straight hours closing a bond offering in a windowless office the size of […]

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    Morning Docket 3.19.2009

    * Take a look at this legal analysis of the AIG bonus fiasco [The Hartford Courant] * A new report from the Project for Attorney Retention (sounds like something we can all get behind) shows that it makes better business sense to have attorneys work reduced hours rather than laying them off. [The American Lawyer] […]

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