March 2009

  • Start Dates

    BigLaw to 2009 Graduates: See you in 2010!

    Back in January, we noted a trend in firms pushing back start dates for 2009 incoming associates. At that time, Clifford Chance and Milbank Tweed had pushed back to late October, and Morrison & Foerster had pushed back to November. Since then though, firms have been pushing back even further. To name a few: Hogan […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 03.11.09

    * A law professor and a psychology professor at Berkeley are proposing a test to replace the LSAT. Their test seeks to measure 26 lawyerly “effectiveness factors” with a series of hypothetical situations, rather than focusing on analytical ability. We hope they leave in at least one logic game, just for kicks. [New York Times] […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 03.10.09

    * For a certain segment of the population, these layoffs won’t be real until Cravath does it. Of course, if things keep going as they are, the rest of the population will soon eat that certain segment of the population. [The Faculty Lounge] * One hundred and twenty five lawyers gathered in NYC yesterday to […]

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  • Layoffs

    Nationwide Layoff Watch: Paul Hastings Lays Off 131 in Round 3

    At the beginning of February, we reported that Paul Hastings laid off a number of associates in its Atlanta office. At the end of February, the firm laid off some people in Los Angeles (and Shanghai). But it looks like today, Paul Hastings is laying off a much larger group of people. Here is the […]

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  • Chadbourne & Parke, Layoffs

    Nationwide Layoff Watch: Chadbourne & Parke Update

    We reported earlier today that Chadbourne & Parke was laying off people today (check out our prior coverage here). We just received this firm wide email: Accordingly, with deep regret, we are reducing the number of attorneys in our offices worldwide by approximately 25. Today will be the last day at the Firm for many […]

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  • Layoffs, Notes from the Breadline

    Notes from the Breadline: Soon We’ll Be Away From Here; Step on the Gas and Wipe That Tear Away

    Ed. note: Welcome to the latest installment of “Notes from the Breadline,” a column by a laid-off lawyer in New York. Prior columns are collected here. You can reach Roxana St. Thomas by email, at, or find her on Facebook. My last days in the office coincide with the final run-up to the holidays, […]

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  • Blank Rome, Layoffs

    Impending Layoff Watch: Blank Rome, Come On Down

    Now that K&L Gates finally announced its layoffs, it’s time to adopt a menacing flight pattern over another firm. We are hearing that Blank Rome is preparing to announce layoffs. Our sources are telling us that 25 – 50 attorneys will be let go from Blank Rome late this week or early next week. We […]

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  • Biglaw, Credit Crisis, Money

    A Financial Makeover in Chicago

    It goes without saying that the recession is forcing all sorts of Americans to confront the prospect of financial ruin. But lawyers have a particular cross to bear, one that involves a crushing amount of educational debt that was supposed to be serviced by the income from lucrative, highly secure law firm jobs. Now that […]

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  • Chadbourne & Parke, Layoffs

    Nationwide Layoff Watch: Chadbourne & Parke Joins the Party

    This layoff news is breaking right now, so we don’t have all of the details. But we understand that “heads are rolling” today at Chadbourne & Parke. The firm did not respond to an immediate request for comment, but there are multiple reports of the layoff reaper making the rounds at the firm right now. […]

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  • Layoffs, Venable

    Nationwide Layoff Watch: 16 Attorneys Out at Venable

    Today’s damage starts in the District. Multiple tipsters report that Venable has decided to make attorney and staff cuts today. The numbers out of Venable are relatively small compared to what we’ve been seeing over the past couple of weeks: 16 attorneys, 43 staff, 5 paralegals. A firm wide email announced the percentage of cuts: […]

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  • Summer Associates

    Open Thread: Cravath & Co. to Shorter Summers

    Daylight savings is on. The weather keeps flirting with the idea of getting warmer. And area stores are starting to put miniskirts on display in their front windows. You know what that means: Summer’s a-coming. Law students bound for BigLaw summer associate gigs may already be packing their bags. Except it looks like many will […]

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  • Layoffs, White & Case

    White & Case (Minor) Layoff Delay: A Purim Miracle?

    Update (5:35): We understand that White & Case began informing individual associates of the firm’s decision this afternoon. We reported yesterday that White ‘n & Case sent out a firm-wide memo announcing the layoffs of 200 associates and 200 staff. However, we’re hearing that there’s not yet blood on the dance floor, as no layoffs […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 03.10.09

    * The D.C. Bar is going after for violating privacy and copyright laws. Avvo takes lawyer profiles from the D.C. Bar’s site and posts them for clients to rate and write reviews. We’re pleased to see that our USAG Eric Holder has a “superb” rating: 9.4 out of 10. [Washington Post] * Kiddie porn […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 03.09.09

    * People who have been laid off need to remain positive and open minded. For instance, if you don’t do so already, watch Survivorman Les Stroud. He generally has a positive attitude even when he’s near death, and he teaches you skills that will be very important for the new economy. (Seriously though, watch Survivorman. […]

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  • Layoffs

    Stealth Layoff Watch: Davis Polk & Wardwell Bring Layoffs into the Vault 5

    Last week, we mentioned that it doesn’t look like top Manhattan firms are immune to the layoff bug. Today, we can report some of the things that have been happening at Davis Polk & Wardwell over the past few months. Stealth layoffs started happening at DPW in December. Corporate associates (notably, associates in Capital Markets, […]

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  • Job Searches, Summer Associates

    Incoming First Years at Morgan Lewis See $100K of Compensation Go Up in Smoke

    For those of you that have read the comments on the Morgan Lewis layoff post, you already know that MLB is mandating a deferral program for all of its incoming first year associates. We wanted to dedicate a separate post to discuss this plan, as it is very different from what we’ve seen from Latham […]

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  • Layoffs, White & Case

    Nationwide Layoff Watch: White & Case Round 2

    We are now firmly into the “second round” of law firm layoffs. We are increasingly dealing with firms who already laid people off in late 2008 or early 2009 who have to go back and make more cuts as the economic outlook continues to worsen. White & Case, which laid off about 70 associates back […]

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  • Layoffs

    Nationwide Layoff Watch: Morgan Lewis Lays off 216

    This one even caught us by surprise. We had received some indication that Morgan Lewis was finished with its layoffs, but apparently the reductions earlier this year were just the beginning. A firm wide memo announced the sad news to MLB employees a short while ago. Unfortunately, we have reached the point where we believe […]

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