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When Can First Years Expect to Start At Pillsbury?

Pillsbury logo.JPGWe have extensively covered the comings and goings at Pillsbury Winthrop. Last Thursday, we told you that 14% of the firm’s associates has left — either voluntary or involuntarily.

Unlike many of the firms that have laid off people this month, Pillsbury left open the question of what would happen with its incoming first years. It’s been over a week now, and still no word from the firm. A tipster reports:

Last week when the layoffs happened, PWSP had a town hall meeting … a few associates asked what they would be doing about incoming first years. They said they weren’t sure. The associates said it would probably be nice if they let us know, so we can plan our lives, apply for other work, higher education etc.

On the one hand, after the firm’s infamous Acela gaffe, it makes sense if Pillsbury gets all of its ducks in a row before it tells first years when (if ever) they can start.

But with associates at Latham, Orrick, a host of other firms, and maybe even Skadden already

competing for the public interest jobs, it would be good if Pillsbury could share some more information with its incoming associates.

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