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A Disturbing Note from Villanova School of Law

Villanova law school seal.jpgVillanova is more well-known for its basketball team than its law school. But Villanova has a law school — in fact, a tier 1 (or at least top 100) law school.

But sadly, the school is out of summer work-study money. I’ve never heard of that happening to a law school, but here’s the message from the assistant dean for financial aid:

I am sorry to report that we have run out of funds for work-study for this summer and many of you have applications in for these funds but we will not be able to give you an award. If you are a PA resident and applied to a PA employer, you would have already received an award letter so you know that you have these funds. If you are not a PA resident or you are trying to work other than in PA you probably do not have an award letter but that does not mean that funds haven’t been reserved for you – we may be waiting on your contract from your employer before your letter goes out or it may mean that we ran out of funds before your folder was complete. We will let all of you know as soon as possible.

Sorry – I wish the news were better.

Are there other schools that are out of work-study money?

This news is primarily directed at 1Ls, the ones most likely to have applied for some kind of unpaid internship for summer work.

Which begs raises the question: what are 1Ls doing this summer? Are 1Ls working? Are they living in tents and basements across the country? Are they eating ramen and mayonnaise sandwiches?

Or maybe everything is okay?

Send us your 1L stories.

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