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Above The Law’s Inaugural Law Revue Contest 2009
The Finalists

Law Revue Video Contest.jpgIt’s the moment (some of) you have been waiting for. We’re ready to announce the six finalists in ATL’s First Ever Law Revue Video Contest.

We received many (many, many) submissions. We ordered sushi delivered to our SoHo office and pulled Biglaw hours to watch them all. As you may imagine, after many (many, many) hours of videos, our eyes were starting to glaze over, our ears were beginning to bleed, and our appreciation for the delicate intersection of legalese and funnies was beginning to fade.

But these six videos managed to shine through all that and make us laugh. Earlier this week, we gave you the (Dis)Honorable Mentions. (Excuse our harsh judging of those — we enjoyed channeling the acerbity of ATL commenters.) Now, we give you the finalists, hailing from NYU (2), UVA (2), Boston University, and Northeastern School of Law. We dare you to try to watch them without wetting your pants with laughter. Or at least emitting a little chuckle.

We’re also asking you to choose your favorite. Find the videos after the jump, and take our reader poll to help crown the first winner of the ATL’s Inaugural Law Revue Contest. Polls close Sunday at midnight.

In no particular order (beyond alphabetical), here are our finalists:

Boston University — My New Outline

Elie: This guy is way too jacked to be a law student. I must assume he’s a townie, but it is still a “wicked awesome” law school / Boston version of my new haircut.

Lat: Of the many parodies of My New Haircut that we saw, this was by far the best.

Kash: This video is in the f***ing zone.

New York University — Barbri Girl

Elie: Simple premise. Flawless execution. The guy stays within himself vocally, and pulls off a pink shirt. The girl keeps it constantly interesting.

Lat: Great lyrics. Ear candy. And eye candy — especially the guy, who looks great shirtless (saw him in last year’s NYU Law Revue). What’s not to like?

New York University — What Would Arthur Miller Do?

Elie: Using little girls instead of little boys aces the “clear parody” debate. South Park references are always funny.

Lat: Tremendously well-executed. NYU has got talent!

Northeastern School of Law — The Gunner

Elie: The gunner’s name is “Lion.” Brilliant. In fact, the whole thing is brilliant. This will be my next Halloween costume.

Lat: Hilarious. Never a dull moment (which can’t be said for so many law revue videos).

Kash: This should be required viewing at law school orientation.

University of Virginia — Sweet Addie

Elie: Hands down the best voice in the group.

Lat: I’m a sucker for a cute boy with a guitar. I now know that Tony Danza doesn’t live in my wall.

University of Virginia — Hot Bodies of Law

Elie: There wasn’t nearly enough T&A in the submissions. Thank you UVA for taking one small step in the right direction.

Lat: Readers, please don’t discount this video because you’ve seen it before (and know some of the jokes). Watch it a second time, and fall in love all over again — with the exceedingly clever lyrics, slick dance moves, and Supreme scenery.

Kash: These boys are wasting their talent away at law firms. I’m hoping they’ll continue to perform post-UVA as the Biglaw Boyz.

Polls close Sunday at midnight.

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