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Breaking: A Sad Day at Kilpatrick Stockton

Kilpatrick Stockton logo.JPGWe’re not entirely sure of all the details, but there appears to be a very sad situation developing at Kilpatrick Stockton in D.C. today. Everybody in Kilpatrick’s building received this email this morning:

Good morning,

Please remain in our space until further notice. Metropolitan Police Department are currently responding to an unconscious male with a gunshot wound to the head on the 11th floor of Kilpatrick & Stockton. We are contacting building management to determine further information.

We will keep you posted. Thank you.

Kilpatrick is located at 607 14th Street, NW in D.C.

After the jump, we have another email from building management and a statement from the firm.

Update (1:54 PM): We also have reports from tipsters, after the jump.

Here is the follow-up email to people in the Kilpatrick building:

Good morning,

I have spoken with building management and the area in which the individual was located on the 11th floor is secured and detectives are currently investigating the scene. This is an isolated incident and the situation is under control. We have received communication that tenants may vacate their space as needed.

Due to reporters that may try to access the floors to Kilpatrick & Stockton to receive additional information regarding this unfortunate incident, an additional security guard will be on-site in the lobby. Please be assured that this measure is being taken to assist with the possible increase in visitors at the building lobby attendant’s desk.

Thank you.

Obviously, speculation is rampant among our multiple sources about what has happened and why this has happened. We’re not going to speculate here.

But we offer our thoughts and prayers for everybody affected and the entire Kilpatrick community.

Update (11:12 AM): Bill Dorris, Co-Managing Partner of Kilpatrick Stockton, released this statement about today’s events:

There was a death at Kilpatrick Stockton earlier today. At this point, it is inappropriate for us to comment further. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the attorney’s family and colleagues.

Update (11:54 AM): The Blog of the Legal Times is now reporting that the deceased attorney is Mark Levy:

Mark Levy, Washington-based counsel and chair of Kilpatrick Stockton’s Supreme Court and Appellate Advocacy practice, died in the firm’s D.C. office this morning, the BLT has confirmed with lawyers both inside and outside the firm.

“We in the legal community are losing someone who is hard to replace,” says solo practitioner Dennis Gingold, who has worked with Levy and calls him one of the District’s finest appellate lawyers. “This is a tough time.”

Update (12:32 PM): The ABA Journal has obtained this out-of-office reply from Mr. Levy’s email account:

An e-mail sent to Levy this morning produced this auto-reply message: “As of April 30, 2009, I can no longer be reached. If your message relates to a firm matter, please contact my secretary . . . If it concerns a personal matter, please contact my wife . . . Thanks.”

Update (1:54 PM): This story keeps getting sadder. Sources at Kilpatrick are now confirming that the attorney in question was in fact one of the attorneys that was let go on Tuesday.

Update (5:45 PM): The Washington Post is now confirming our tipsters’ earlier reports that Mr. Levy had indeed been let go from Kilpatrick.

Please, please, if you are feeling depressed, seek professional help.

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