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Law Revue Video Contest: The polls close at midnight!

Law Revue Video Contest.jpgHappy Sunday. Thanks for visiting Above The Law this weekend.

We just wanted to remind you that voting in the (first) Annual Law Revue Video Contest ends tonight at the stroke of midnight. Or actually at 11:59 p.m. So if you haven’t yet watched the best in Law Revue humor and found what makes you laugh hardest, we advise you do so soon.

To see Northeastern’s gunner Lion, UVA’s adderal-fueled serenade and Backstreet Boys take on constitutional law, NYU’s Barbri Girl and South Park-inspired Arthur Miller animation, and Boston University’s version of My New Haircut, check out our post on The Finalists.

As of 7:54 a.m. on Sunday morning, BU’s Outline and UVA’s Hot Bodies are leading in the polls. BU has the tiniest of leads:


The stars that appear in the winning video will receive fame & glory (of course), as well as ATL t-shirts, ATL gavel-shaped stress balls, and a round of drinks with the ATL editorial team (but the Law Revue stars have to come to New York to claim the drinks prize).

Vote after the jump. The clock is ticking.

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