Non-Sequiturs: 04.28.09

John Grisham The Associate.JPG* Anybody want to give John Grisham a hand? [West]

* Impeachment, Texas-style. [Grits for Breakfast]

* It is it legal to fire dirty lawyers? Probably. [Professor Bainbridge]

* Having momentarily dealt with fleeting expletives, SCOTUS could move quickly to address fleeting nudity. I propose this deal: the baby boomers can continue their astonishing string of selling out every single principle they ever claimed to have (R.I.P George Carlin) and keep their precious network television. Meanwhile, Gen X and the Millennials can have the internet. Oh, we’re already doing that? Cool. [SCOTUSblog]

* Marquette is hosting a national sports law writing competition. Topics will undoubtedly include how Obama’s relaxing of Cuban travel restrictions can help the Yankees’ farm system, how to hijack basketball teams from successful markets, and a cap and trade system that will help Drew Rosenhaus keep his hair without causing global warming. The winner gets to be the new NHL commissioner. [Sports Agent Blog]

* Another lawyer loses his credentials for failure to pay back student loans. I’ll be sending him my student loan bailout agitation package in the mail. [Legal Writing Prof Blog]

* The end of Ridiculum. [Ridiculum]

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