Can’t find work? Get an LLM.

diploma degree LLM degree cap diploma Above the Law blog.jpgWe’ve had open threads before about the value of the LLM degree. There’s always a big debate about whether the programs are worthwhile (though tax LLMs almost universally get big thumbs up from readers).
The question keeps coming up though. And now in a different context. If you’ve been laid off, or can’t find a job, is an LLM a good option? Here’s one query we received from a reader:

I am a recently laid off big law associate, who practiced tax. I am considering pursuing my tax LLM this fall. I have been accepted to both NYU and Georgetown. I have struggled over whether I should go back to school and “wait out the market.” Currently, there are few, if any, positions open in my specialty area. It would be very helpful to myself (and I am willing to bet – many others) if you could post an LLM thread.

So folks, here’s your chance to offer advice. If you don’t have a firm paying you $80,000 to go away for a year, should you shell out some cash to add a few more letters to the end of your title?
The reader also asks:

I would also like to specifically hear from commentors, what their view is of Georgetown’s Tax LLM program.

Nothing like a little school brawl in the comments. G-town vs. NYU for the tax LLM. Ding ding ding…
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The Value of an LLM Degree: Open Thread

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