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Ex-Law Student of the Day: Seva Brodsky

brodsky_mug.jpgSome law students might be considering suing their schools now that a bright future in Biglaw seems like such a dim possibility. We can imagine lawsuits alleging false promises of golden handcuffs sweeping the land.
But the only suit against a school we’ve seen recently is reported by the National Law Journal (via the Minn Lawyer Blog). And the cause for the ADA suit against the New England School of Law is flunking the student without regard for his brain damage:

According to court papers, the plaintiff, Seva Brodsky, was expelled after failing two courses in the spring of 2005, and later learned from medical testing that his “memory and organizational deficits” likely stemmed from an accident in the early 1980s.

The plaintiff claimed he presented medical evidence to the school at a readmission hearing in November 2005 and was told that academic success in a relevant program would boost his chances for readmission.

Despite lots of chatter around the Web, there are some things that are unclear to us:

  • How did Brodsky get his “long-term brain damage”?
  • Why would someone with “memory and organizational deficits” want to be a lawyer?
  • Will this lawsuit hurt the fourth tier New England School of Law in the U.S. News rankings?
  • Would having brain-damaged students send New England School of Law into a fifth tier?
    We invite your answers in the comments.
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