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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 5.3: One Word: “Awesome”

champagne glasses small.jpgSix impressive lawyers headline our survey of this week’s NYT wedding pages. Even more impressive is that four of them are still clinging to Biglaw jobs — assuming, of course, that bad news does not await any of our returning honeymooners.
Here are the finalists:

1. Neda Karamouz and Stephen Vander Stoep
2. Danielle Cohen and Bradley Friedman
3. Leslie Tobin and Nathan Ostrander

Click on the link below to get the story on these newlyweds’ degrees, jobs, and china patterns.

1. Neda Karamouz and Stephen Vander Stoep
(Buy them a ladle.)
The Case:
– Two lawyers here, or at least one and three quarters (the groom’s Canadian). The bride, a graduate of Boston University and Suffolk Law, is a senior associate specializing in international taxation at PricewaterhouseCoopers.
– The groom has a bunch of Canadian degrees: Redeemer University College, the University of Toronto, and York University. Something in that history was moderately prestigious enough to land him a job in the M&A group at Shearman & Sterling.
The Case Against:
– Commenters last week disagreed with our high opinion of the winning couple’s china pattern. LEWW is chastened, but we’ll try again: Can we all agree that this (bullet holes? blood splatters?) is unappetizing?
2. Danielle Cohen and Bradley Friedman
(Buy them a nut jar.)
The Case:
– This bride and groom met as law students at Georgetown, which lately seems poised to take over Penn’s slot as the mediocre, overexposed blight on the NYT wedding pages. Danielle went to Cornell undergrad; Bradley graduated from Duke.
– Both are Biglaw associates in New York: She’s at Cleary; he’s at Skadden.
The Case Against:
– In a misguided attempt to shore up his job security, Bradley has grown a puppy-tail and jumped onto the lap of the Skadden recruiting department. He stars in this embarrassing pitch for the firm’s summer program, which begins, “If I had to describe Skadden in one word, it would be ‘awesome.'” Oh, Bradley. Thousands of Biglaw associates have lost their jobs. You’ve just barfed up your dignity.
3. Leslie Tobin and Nathan Ostrander
(Buy them a picture frame.)
The Case:
– This two-JD couple was married at Virginia’s tony Keswick Hall, with both a Rabbi and a Methodist minister officiating. The bride, who graduated from Wellesley and has a JD from Fordham, is an associate in Katten Muchin Rosenman’s DC office.
– The groom graduated from Williams and has a JD from Harvard. He currently serves as legislative counsel for the DC Council’s Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs.
The Case Against:
– Nathan’s job confuses us. DC government is not terribly prestigious. “Comical” is a better word. But Nathan is a HLS grad. Is he politically ambitious, or was he recently given the boot by Biglaw?
The Verdict:
Team Cohen-Friedman has this week’s most prestigious jobs. But Team Tobin-Ostrander has slightly better educational credentials ((Wellesley + Williams + Fordham + HLS) > (Cornell + Duke + 2(GULC)), and a groom who–let’s assume–still has both testicles. Congratulations, Team Tobin-Ostrander !

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