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Judge of the Day: What’s more [cowardly] than [vandalizing] another man’s automobile?

Judge keys car range rover.jpgA Texas judge has been indicted for keying his neighbor’s Range Rover. The Houston Chronicle reports the possible penalties for criminal mischief in Texas:

Woody Ray Densen, 69, could face 180 days to two years in a state jail and a fine of up to $10,000 if convicted. He could also be disciplined by the state Commission on Judicial Conduct.

That’s all you get for keying another man’s truck in Texas? I thought that was a capital offense down there.
Judge Densen’s alleged vandalism was caught on tape. It was worth him doing it, just to catch him doing it:

Adam Kliebert, a 40-year-old home builder, set up a surveillance camera in his Rice Village-area driveway that recorded a man he identified as Densen walking behind his 2006 Range Rover and appearing to pause and tamper with it on May 23. Kliebert has said he was frustrated that someone kept damaging his SUV, leaving him with repair bills for $3,000.

After the jump, let’s check out the video.

We found the surveillance video on Blogonaut. Maybe Judge Densen was just admiring the car?

Judge Densen’s lawyer, Robert Pelton, insisted that Densen did nothing wrong:

“There is no actual proof that he did anything to this man’s car because he didn’t do anything to the man’s car,” Pelton said. “This is a case of a neighborhood dispute. We had an investigator showing the damages could not have been the amount” claimed by Kliebert.

But Kliebert has additional evidence against his neighbor:

In a secretly videotaped conversation, Densen told Kliebert he didn’t know who damaged the vehicle, but suggested the vandalism might have occurred because the SUV was partially blocking the sidewalk.

Right. And maybe the vandal’s keys accidentally scraped back and forth against the SUV in a scratching fashion because of that same sidewalk blocking.
Judge indicted in keying of neighbor’s car [Houston Chronicle]
Texas Judge Is Indicted for Allegedly Keying Neighbor’s Range Rover [ABA Journal]

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