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Shearman & Sterling Start Date Watch: You Better Hurry

Incoming first years at Shearman & Sterling have been trying to figure out when they can start at the firm. A couple of months ago, the firm said that December 2009 would be the earliest start date. But Shearman also encouraged its incoming first years to defer until September 2010, while promising those deferrals that the incoming class of 2010 would not be starting on time.
Was the firm’s ambiguity about its regular start date a subtle attempt to get more people to take the year long deferral?
We don’t know how many incoming first years took the year long deferral option. But today, we have news that Shearman has confirmed its regular start date(s). But you’d better hurry to secure your space now.
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Shearman & Sterling logo.gifA tipster reports that Shearman & Sterling is offering three different start dates for incoming associates:

* January 25, 2010
* February 1, 2010
* February 8, 2010

But there’s a twist. The start dates are available on a first come, first serve basis.
The race to get into the firm seems especially important because — as of this writing — we don’t know anything about what kind of deferral stipend Shearman & Sterling will be offering to those that are pushed back to January or February. The people who get in touch with Shearman quickly will at least be in line for an extra paycheck.
Okay incoming Shearman associates. It’s time to email your recruiting coordinator.
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