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At the Ninth Circuit Conference: Elena Kagan Likes Sensible Shoes

Elena Kagan 3 Harvard Law School Above the Law Elana Kagan Elena Kagen.jpgWhat should a female Solicitor General wear to the U.S. Supreme Court? It’s a hot-button issue. For some excellent analysis, see Dahlia Lithwick.
The topic of SCOTUS-appropriate attire for a Solicitrix General keeps coming up. It popped up yesterday in Solicitor General Elena Kagan’s interview with Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, at the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference in Monterey.
From an attendee (who stayed at the conference longer than we did; we left the day after our panel):

In case you are not here, David: the solicitor general was just asked what she will wear at the Court, and she declined to say. But Judge Kozinski followed up to ask — expressly on your behalf [David Lat fka Article III Groupie] — whether she would be wearing Jimmy Choos. She said “no,” because the heels are too high to stand in while she argues.

Thought you’d want to know this breaking fashion news!

Shoe groupies: a little bit more, after the jump.

With respect to SG Kagan’s weakness for comfortable footwear, we’re disappointed but not devastated. Elena Kagan in Jimmy Choo? That would have been faboo. But Ted Olson or Paul Clement in Manolos? Now that would have been a sight to behold. [FN1]
You can read more — about this specific exchange, as well as the Kozinski-Kagan conversation more generally — over at dagblog.
[FN1] For those of you who view references to Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks as clichéd, our friends at Fashionista recommend Nicholas Kirkwood. Check out the dizzyingly high heels, plus the distinctive platform jutting out in front. Aren’t they to die for?
Ladies have all the fashion fun. Sigh….
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