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Dr. Li-ann Thio: An Online Petition

Thio Li Ann Visiting Professor NYU Law School.jpgThere’s a minor new development in the saga of Dr. Li-ann Thio, the NYU visiting law professor whose views on homosexuality have made her the legal academic everyone loves to hate. It’s an online petition, addressed to the NYU law school and university administration, expressing “deep dissatisfaction with New York University School of Law’s appointment of Dr. Thio Li-Ann as a Global Visiting Professor of Law.”
The petition concludes by articulating the belief “that the Administration’s decision to appoint Dr. Thio was a grave mistake and her designation to teach ‘Human Rights in Asia’ is inappropriate and offensive.” There’s an additional option, selected by many (but not all) of the signatories, calling upon the administration to rescind Dr. Thio’s appointment.
You can check out the position, and sign it if you like, by clicking here. Currently the petition has 564 signatures.
A notable signatory, after the jump.

We skimmed through the signatures and noticed the names of a few friends of ours, but not many names jumped out at us. The petition might carry more weight if some of the names were also on NYU buildings.
One name we did notice: signatory #514, hot young playwright Jeff Whitty, a 1997 graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts (abbreviated “TSOA” on the petition). Whitty is the author of the phenomenally successful, extremely entertaining Avenue Q, which is ending a six-year Broadway run on September 13, 2009.
The internet is for porn — and for signing petitions against allegedly homophobic law professors!
Petition in Opposition to Dr. Thio Li-Ann Teaching a Course on Human Rights at New York University School of Law [Petition Online]
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