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Law Student of the Day: UVA Law Student Spitter

UVA logo.JPGWe all know gunners who spit hot fire at professors. But we rarely see gunners who spit at the police. According to the Charlottesville police, one UVA law student can roll both ways.
From Newsplex:

A Charlottesville woman is facing felony assault charges after an altercation with a police officer on Thursday.
Elisabeth Epps, 29, is accused of spitting on a police officer early Thursday morning in the Market Street parking garage.

It appears that initially she was trying to keep her saliva safe within the confines of her car, but the police were having none of it:

Charlottesville Police say friends of Epps were trying to get her out of a locked, parked car after a night of drinking. When Epps would not respond to continued police instructions, officers broke the back window to get her.
After police removed Epps from the car, she continued kicking and screaming and then spit in an officer’s face.

Epps is actually a little bit famous in UVA circles. More details after the jump.

Classmates at UVA suggest that Epps is a bit of a gunner. We can’t independently confirm that, but we know that she loves the LSAT. Epps is a noted Kaplan LSAT teacher who was up for Kaplan’s district teacher of the year award. UVA even ran a nice little article about her earlier this year:

“To an unhealthy degree, I love that test. I was a dork growing up. I would be on the bus — always with a game of logic puzzles from kindergarten through 12th grade — just doing them,” said Epps, a first-year law student. “The LSAT was like grown-up permission to enjoy this sort of thinking. I really do love the test. It’s so dorky to say out loud.”

She loves the LSAT, but spit on a cop. That, my friends, is a puzzle.
But what is up with semi-famous UVA students getting in trouble with the law? Earlier this year, former Tom Tancredo staffer Marcus Epstein’s UVA career fizzled out before it started when he karate-chopped a black woman in the head. It appears that this UVA student who went all Dilophosaurus on the cops comes from the other side of the aisle:

Epps will bring her 11-year-old son to Washington to see Barack Obama sworn in as the first black president of the United States.
“I love that I’m getting a chance to do with my son what my parents did with me,” said Epps, a Charlottesville resident and student at the University of Virginia School of Law…
Epps and her son volunteered with the campaign of U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello, D-Ivy, who narrowly unseated Republican incumbent Virgil H. Goode Jr. in a Nov. 4 upset. Perriello’s office, which was allotted only 198 inauguration tickets, notified Epps on Monday that she had won four tickets in a lottery.

They teach UVA Law students to argue with words down there, right?
Update: For more about the situation, see the UVA Law Blog.
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