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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 7.26: Dolores!

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This couple definitely merits an honorable mention this week. They met a year ago in Vegas and turned a 24-hour hookup into a NYT wedding announcement featuring seersucker, a 6-year age difference, and a JD from Widener. It’s certainly one of the more colorful lawyer wedding announcements we’ve seen in a while (although we concede the bar is fairly low).
We even managed to find a picture for you, seersucker and all. They look like they know how to party, don’t they?
On to our finalists, who are more prestigious — but admittedly a bit less colorful:

1. Dolores DiBella and David Schmid
2. Susanna Cowen and Ross McSweeney
3. Kara Burke and Matthew King

Check out these couples’ photos and qualifications, after the jump.

1. Dolores DiBella and David Schmid
(Buy them a garment bag.)
The Case:
– These two met as undergraduates at Georgetown, from which the bride graduated magna cum laude. That magna was enough to earn her a spot at Columbia Law — and wow, it’s really nice to see someone going from Georgetown undergrad to law school at a solid Ivy, rather than the other way around. The groom has a master’s in public administration from NYU.
– Dolores is an associate at Proskauer Rose. David works for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as an assistant commissioner for operations in community affairs.
The Case Against:
– “Dolores” is a name that peaked in popularity around 1920. We predict that — unlike other old-fashioned names like Rose and Sophia — this one is unlikely to bounce back any time soon.
2. Susanna Cowen and Ross McSweeney
(Buy them a cheese slicer.)
The Case:
– One lawyer; one lawyer-to-be: Susanna, who has a JD from the University of Chicago, is a staff lawyer at the National Crime Victim Law Institute and a clinical professor at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland. She graduated magna cum laude from Columbia, which is where she met Ross.
– Ross is a freelance advertising copywriter in Portland. He’ll be starting law school at the University of Chicago this fall.
The Case Against:
– Wait a second. Susanna is a clinical professor in the field of criminal law, but she focuses on the rights of . . . victims? How gauche of her. Must be that whacko right-wing law school she attended.
3. Kara Burke and Matthew King
(Buy them a butter dish.)
The Case:
– This bride was cum laude at Colgate and will be pursuing a master’s in social work at Catholic University. Her groom, a graduate of Yale, has a law degree from NYU.
– Matt is a corporate counsel at MicroStrategy, a software company well known in northern Virginia for having its headquarters next to the Tysons Corner mall.
The Case Against:
– MicroStrategy’s founder is famous for losing $6 billion in one day in an accounting scandal.
The Verdict:
It’s close. Team Cowen-McSweeney probably should win on a technicality because it’s got two lawyers (or one and a half). But we find them a bit bland. Neither of the other two contenders blows us away, though. Readers, you make the call:

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