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Canceled Summer Program Watch: Howard Rice & Eckert Seamans Join the Party

cancel cancels canceled cancelled summer programs.jpgThe firms might not be particularly well known, but every time a firm cancels its summer associate program, a 2L angel loses his wings.
Tipsters report that the Pittsburgh-based firm Eckert Seamans let people know it was canceling its 2010 summer program on its website:

The firm is not actively recruiting law students at this time.

The firm did not respond to our request for immediate comment. But sources report that interested 2Ls shouldn’t waste the time sending in a resume.
After the jump, let’s check in with Howard Rice.

Earlier this week, Howard Rice decided to cancel its 2010 summer program as well. Some students grumbled that Howard Rice made the decision after OCI bidding had closed.
But what is really surprising is that Howard Rice decided to cancel its summer program after noting an uptick in business. Here is the official statement from Howard Rice:

Our firm has decided not to have a summer associate program in 2010. We have seen a substantial increase in business over the last quarter, and we are cautiously optimistic that the economy has improved. However, the future is never certain, and we already expect large incoming associate classes in 2010 and 2011. One of the hallmarks of our firm is that every lawyer who comes to Howard Rice is given interesting work right from the very beginning, and is constantly challenged with new and exciting work. We believe that the best way to ensure that tradition continues is to take a one-year break from our summer program. We continue to value our strong relationships with the schools at which we recruit, and we look forward to going back on campus next fall.

Luckily for 2Ls, firms that have decided to skip a year of recruiting are still in the minority.
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