Vault 100 Open Threads: 2010, Williams & Connolly

Fall Recruiting Open Thread: Vault 11-15 (2010)

comparing.jpgEven though we are moving out of the Vault top ten, we are still firmly in the land of law firms that everybody recognizes.
To refresh your memory, here is the next batch of firms on the Vault list:

11. Williams & Connolly
12. Debevoise & Plimpton
13. Paul Weiss
14. Gibson Dunn
15. Sidley Austin

Williams & Connolly was crowned the safest firm by Above the Law readers in March. And so far, the firm has worn its crown with grace and style. No layoffs to report at this small dynamo. It’s something to consider during this recruiting season.
After the jump, the Paul Weiss / Gibson Dunn troll fight starts in 3 … 2 … 1 …

Having me as an alum doesn’t seem to have hurt Debevoise’s rankings. The firm is ranked #12, exactly where it was last year. Whew! Of course, that means that I didn’t do anything to help Debevoise’s rankings either. In fact, to the untrained eye it would seem that my existence is entirely irrelevant. Let’s move on before my entire worldview comes crashing down.
We’ve had a lot of people say a lot of great things about Paul Weiss, but its strength during the recession has not shown up in the rankings. In contrast, Gibson Dunn — another firm that generates a lot of positive reports in our comments — did move up two spots to #14.
And at #15, Sidley Austin is still hanging in there, just where it was last year. Do you think laying off 229 people should have no effect on the firm’s ranking? Or do you think that the firm was wise to postpone its layoff decision until March?
Share with us your thoughts on the firms ranked #11 – #15 on this year’s Vault list.
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