Arnold & Porter, Vault 100 Open Threads: 2010, White & Case

Fall Recruiting Open Thread: Vault 16-20 (2010)

comparing.jpgLet’s finish off the prestigious Vault 20. Here we have some firms on the rise, and some firms that are … not.
Here is the next batch of firms:

16. WilmerHale
17. Latham & Watkins
18. Arnold & Porter
19. Jones Day
20. White & Case

Okay, before we discuss Latham and White & Case, let’s give a good cheer for WilmerHale (up one spot from last year), Arnold & Porter (up two spots from last year), and Jones Day (up four spots from last year).
The Jones Day surge is particularly impressive. You’ll remember that the firm slammed its competitors earlier this month. But it seems like the firm is walking the walk as well as talking the talk.
After the jump, you know what happens next.

White & Case fired 70 associates in November, then fired an additional 400 people in March. For these transgressions, White & Case fell two spots in the Vault rankings.
Latham & Watkins had a round of stealth layoffs in January and then laid off 440 people in February. Latham fell ten spots in this year’s Vault rankings — one of the biggest one year drops in the history of the Vault rankings.
Is this as far as these firms will fall? Or does the fact that both of these firms are still top 20 impugn the credibility of the entire list?
Or … should firing associates have any impact on a firm’s “prestige” in the first place?
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