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Lawyer of the Day: Gary Appelblatt

gary appelblatt.JPGGary Appelblatt, 58, a California divorce lawyer, was a bit too thorough in his interviews with his clients. From the Associated Press:

Prosecutors say Appelblatt would tell clients that he had a pharmacy degree and touched them under the guise of performing medical procedures during divorce case consultations.

Appelblatt has admitted to improperly touching five of his clients — we assume they were female — and has been convicted of four counts of sexual battery and one count of attempted sexual contact. Apparently he offered one of his clients the $5,000-off-your-bill-if-you-sleep-with-me discount.
According to his website, Appelblatt is a “registered pharmacist.” He’s also a “certifid [sic] flight instructor.” We think we’d rather not have him in our cockpit.
Divorce lawyer pleads no contest to sexual battery [Associated Press]

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