Morning Docket

Morning Docket 08.27.09

david hoffman.jpg* Former Rehnquist SCOTUS clerk David Hoffman is resigning as inspector general of Chicago in order to run for Obama’s vacated Senate seat. He may be a “political unknown” but we like that he’s part of the Elect and a hottie. [Chicago Sun-Times]
* Meanwhile, there is a move in Massachusetts to skirt state law in order to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat ASAP. [Boston Globe]
* Belgium’s Palace of Justice is a royal pain. [New York Times]
* Constipation leads to stroke leads to lawsuit. [Courthouse News Service]
* Ex-SCOTUS Justice David Souter has put the lockdown on his personal papers. They won’t be open to the public for 50 years, a longer seal “than any justice has placed on papers in recent memory.” [National Law Journal]
* Chris Brown gets probation and “physical labor” in the Rihanna case, then heads out to the clubs. [ABA Journal]
* Richard Hatch not a “Survivor” when it comes to jail time. “It’s awful. It’s been eight days. He’s tormented,” said his lawyer. [Associated Press]

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