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Nationwide Layoff Watch: Curtis Mallet Cuts Corporate Associates

curtis facebook recruiting.JPGDespite last week’s welcome reprieve from Biglaw layoffs, it looks like some firms didn’t get the memo. Above the Law has learned that Curtis Mallet conducted layoffs early this week. We believe that 10% – 15% of its corporate associates have been let go. Multiple class years were affected, but it appears that first years were spared.

Curtis Mallet would not respond to our multiple requests for comment

Perhaps the firm is embarrassed to be laying off associates on the heels of last year’s strong profit numbers. In February, Am Law Daily reported:

Bucking the trend among New York law firms, Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle reports a 13.5 percent surge in revenue to $125 million. Curtis Mallet has chosen the worst business year in memory to cross the million-dollar profits per equity partner mark, with PPP up 11 percent to $1 million. Revenue per lawyer for the firm’s 225 lawyers, scattered among 14 offices worldwide, nudged up 3.5 percent to $570,000….

Firm chairman George Kahale, who was profiled in The American Lawyer last year, says that Curtis Mallet has the right mix of groups for the current economic climate.

So you see, laid off associates should be proud that they helped the partners make a million dollars before being shown the door.

After the jump, we learn that the work of soon-to-be-former Curtis Mallet associates is not quite done.

Continuing with the stealthy theme of these layoffs, displaced Curtis Mallet associates will still be coming into the office for the next ten weeks. But there’s a catch:

The real kicker to all this…most of us who got laid off are still getting new assignments.

Well how is PPP supposed to stay at $1 million this year unless associates are still working hard for the firm right up until the point they are put out on the street?

Good luck, former Curtis associates. Hopefully you’re getting laid off near the end of the downturn and will quickly be able to get back on your feet.

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