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No Offer Watch: The Baker Botts Bread Isn’t Rising

no offer factories.jpgOffer season (a.k.a. no offer season) is here in full force. The latest news comes from Baker Botts, and it appears that you didn’t have to be involved in a Texas scandal to get no-offered by the firm.
Multiple tipsters independently report that the offer rate at Baker Botts was between 50 to 55 percent firm-wide. The no offerees we spoke to felt the firm should have brought fewer people on for the summer if it was going to throw so many people back into the pool of 3L recruiting:

No offered. Man that sucked. Should have summered at a firm that wasn’t going to waste my time. At least I’m not alone.

But summers that received an offer understandably had a more positive take on the experience:

I got an offer, but I know a lot of people who didn’t. I suppose that is unfair, but I feel like we all knew that it was going to be a competitive summer and not everybody was going to make it.

Make it? Ask the class of 2009 whether getting an offer at the end of the summer bears any relation to actually having a full-time job upon graduation.
While Baker Botts made offers to about half of its summer class overall, the Baker Botts summers in the firm’s New York office were not nearly as lucky. Details after the jump.

Baker Botts logo.JPGSummers from Baker Botts’s NYC office are apoplectic. As we understand it, the firm made one offer out of the eight summers in the office. One tipster put it this way:

Confirmed. Baker Botts NYC had an 88.8% NO OFFER rate. That is ONE offer out of the eight of us who summered.
This really sucks. I had a ton of offers coming into last summer and figured oil & gas as well as IP (BB biggest areas) were relatively recession-proof.

This online posting was more blunt:

F**K Baker. F**K Texas. F**K ME.

(In fairness, we’re not positive the poster was talking about Baker Botts. It could have been another “Baker” law firm. Or the skateboard people.)
As you know, they don’t talk about numbers in Texas. A Baker Botts spokesperson had this to say:

We had a strong class of talented summer associates, and we are in the process of making offers to many to return as full-time associates. We expect to have an impressive incoming class in 2010, although the numbers are likely to be down a bit from our new lawyers starting in November 2009.

Don’t forget to send in your tips about other firms with offer issues. We like to have multiple sources when exposing the true offer rates at Biglaw firms.
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