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Supreme Court Clerk Hiring Watch: The Official List

Supreme Court hallway Above the Law Above the Law Above the Law.JPGWe’ve previously reported on the hiring of Supreme Court law clerks for October Term 2009. Their names appear here (everyone but Justice Sotomayor’s clerks) and here (Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s clerks).
As we mentioned, we weren’t 100 percent certain on the Sotomayor clerks. Happily, as it turns out, our intelligence was correct. Thanks to everyone who shared information with us; we can’t accurately track Supreme Court clerk hiring without your help.
The Public Information Office of the Supreme Court has released the official list of October Term 2009 law clerks, and it matches up with what we’ve reported in these pages. For a copy of the official list, click here to download (as a Word document). (Note that it doesn’t include law school and prior clerkship information, which usually comes in a second, more detailed list.)
Not counting the law clerks’ middle initials, the official list doesn’t contain much information that hasn’t already appeared on ATL — with one exception. We now know that retired Justice David H. Souter’s clerk will be Thomas Pulham, formerly of the D.C. office of Jenner & Block (which has sent a number of its associates into SCOTUS clerkships).
Based on the official list, we’ve made some small tweaks to our list (e.g., changed some maiden names to married names). Check out the final list, a mash-up of the official list with the law school and prior clerkship information that we’ve gathered on our own, after the jump.

If you’re aware of SCOTUS clerk hiring news not previously reported in these pages — e.g., hires for OT 2010 or OT 2011 — or if you notice an error, please email us (subject line: “SCOTUS clerk hiring”). Thanks.
Chief Justice John G. Roberts
1. Roman Martinez (Yale 2008 / Kavanaugh)
2. James M. McDonald (UVA 2007 / Sutton)
3. Stephen Sachs (Yale 2007 / S. Williams)
4. Erik Zimmerman (Stanford 2007 / Wilkinson)
Justice John Paul Stevens
1. Hyland Hunt (U. Michigan 2008 / D. Ginsburg)
2. Adam Jed (Harvard 2008 / Calabresi)
3. Merritt McAlister (University of Georgia 2007 / Anderson (11th Cir.))
4. David Pozen (Yale 2007 / Garland)
Justice Antonin Scalia
1. Jonathan Bond (GWU 2008 / Sutton)
2. Steven Lehotsky (Harvard 2002 / D. Ginsburg)
3. Daniel M. Sullivan (U. Chicago 2008 / O’Scannlain)
4. Katherine Twomey (UVA 2008 / Wilkinson)
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy
1. Daniel Epps (Harvard 2008 / Wilkinson)
2. Allon Kedem (Yale 2005 / Leval / Kravitz (D. Conn.))
3. Scott Keller (University of Texas 2007 / Kozinski)
4. Misha Tseytlin (Georgetown 2006 / Kozinski / Brown (D.C. Cir.))
Justice Clarence Thomas
1. Tyler R. Green (U. Utah 2005 / McConnell / Cassell (D. Utah))
2. Brian Morrissey (Notre Dame 2007 / O’Scannlain)
3. Elizabeth Papez (Harvard 1999 / Boggs)
4. Marah Stith (Yale 2006 / O’Scannlain)
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
1. Pamela Bookman (UVA 2006 / Sack)
2. Vincent Levy (Columbia 2007 / D. Ginsburg)
3. Elizabeth B. Prelogar (née Elizabeth Barchas) (Harvard 2008 / Garland)
4. John Rappaport (Harvard 2006 / Reinhardt)
Justice Stephen G. Breyer
1. Andrew Crespo (Harvard 2008 / Reinhardt)
2. Bessie Dewar (Yale 2006 / W. Fletcher / L. Pollak (E.D. Pa.))
3. Chris Fonzone (Harvard 2007 / Wilkinson)
4. Jennifer Nou (Yale 2008 / Posner)
Justice Samuel Alito
1. Amit Agarwal (Georgetown 2004 / Kavanaugh)
2. K. Winn Allen (UVA 2008 / Sutton)
3. Jaynie R. Lilley (née Jaynie Randall) (Yale 2006 / M. Patel (N.D. Cal.) / Cabranes)
4. Lucas Townsend (Seton Hall 2004 / Ackerman (D.N.J.) / Trump Barry)
Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (retired):
1. Joshua Deahl (U. Michigan 2006 / Benavides)
Justice David H. Souter
1. Thomas Pulham (Yale 2004 / D. Cote (S.D.N.Y.) / Katzmann)
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