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(Former) Lawyer of the Day: Allen Feingold

locked computer keyboard.jpgAllen Feingold, a former Pennsylvania attorney, really loved practicing law. Even after being suspended and eventually disbarred, he continued to service clients — and went to extraordinary measures to do so.
From Gina Passarella of the Legal Intelligencer:

[Feingold] created letterhead in the name of attorney Jeffry Stephen Pearson, another attorney who apparently handled some of Feingold’s files once Feingold was suspended. Feingold would use that letterhead, unbeknown to Pearson, to file pleadings and legal correspondence to lawyers, clients and judges, according to the complaint. Once Pearson learned of this, he changed his password for electronic filings with the court, but Feingold learned of the new password and continued making filings under Pearson’s name, the ODC alleged in the complaint.

To put a stop to his misconduct, a judge ordered the Office of Disciplinary Counsel to lock Feingold out of his offices.
Pretty bad — but it gets worse….

Feingold’s August 2006 suspension was the result of a summer 2004 incident during which Feingold allegedly choked a 74-year-old judge pro tempore at the Philadelphia Dispute Resolution Center because he was unhappy with the judge’s arbitration ruling in a case he had been handling, according to the board’s report in that case….

Feingold admitted to attempting to strike the judge pro tem during the altercation.

“I figured hell, if I’m going to lose my license, at least let me get my one punch in,” Feingold testified during the ensuing disciplinary proceedings, according to the board’s report.

So, Mr. Feingold: Was it worth it?
Disciplinary Office Locks Disbarred Attorney Out of His Office [Legal Intelligencer]

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