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Girl-on-Girl Sexual Harassment at Delaware Law Firm

Lesbian harassment law firm girl on girl.JPGHere at Above the Law, we’ve reviewed a lot of employment discrimination complaints over the years. But this one is special.

The firm (like it matters):
Maron Marvel Bradley & Anderson.

The plaintiff:
Jennifer Braude.

Why you care:

Do I have your attention? Click after the jump for more details, plus Maron Marvel’s response.

I think my favorite factual allegation is this one:

I did not know that women noticed things like that.

I do know that women notice things like this:

This firm sounds “dirty hot” to me.

But, shockingly enough, these allegations aren’t really at the heart of Braude’s complaint against Maron Marvel. Meredith Sossman, the woman who allegedly made all of these sexually charged remarks, was let go by the firm. The complaint states that Maron Marvel felt that Sossman was a “cancer” and Sossman eventually lost her job.

But perhaps not quickly enough. The claim against Maron really stems from the allegation that plaintiff Braude was so traumatized by Sossman’s behavior that she needed to take a leave of absence. Braude was put on temporary leave while Sossman was investigated. According to the complaint, Braude applied for an additional 30 days of leave after Sossman was let go. By that point Braude alleges she was no longer welcome at the firm.

A spokesperson for Maron Marvel provided Above the Law a brief statement about the allegations:

The complaint brought by Ms. Braude involves allegations of wrongful conduct claimed to have occurred in 2007 by an employee no longer with the firm. Our attorneys in this matter have advised us that it would be inappropriate to comment on the particulars of the allegations. Our firm has been, and continues to be, committed to providing a working environment for all of its employees in which sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

Do you think employees suffering from Post-Lesbianic Harassment Syndrome should be entitled to some extra time off from work?

Click below for the full complaint.

Braude v. Maron Marvel [U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware (via Docstoc)]

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