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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 8.30: The Usual

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This week’s Vows column is a jaw-dropper. Twelve-year-old girl has crush on doorman (“‘He looked like the guy from Tiger Beat,’ she recalled”), stalks doorman for over a decade, and finally marries him. And he’s still the doorman!
Also, don’t miss this Skadden associate’s unorthodox proposal: He had his girlfriend served with a “complaint” while he was in the men’s room.
On to this week’s couples:

1. Florence Davis and Anthony Gooch
2. Alexandra Seggerman and Stephen Poellot
3. Marin Levy and Joseph Blocher Jr.

Read all about this week’s featured newlyweds, after the jump.

1. Florence Davis and Anthony Gooch
The Case:
– Here we have the familiar situation of a law firm partner snagging a much-younger bride. The groom, a graduate of the University of the South and NYU Law School, retired as a partner at Cleary Gottlieb. Not content to spend his golden years on a golf course or beach, he then earned a master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia.
– The bride is the president and a board member of the Starr Foundation in New York. She’s also a trustee of NYU’s law school, from which she has a JD (she did her undergrad at Wellesley).
The Case Against:
– When they were dating, she got a kick out of telling people she was seeing “a Columbia student.” Eeeew.
2. Alexandra Seggerman and Stephen Poellot
(Buy them a spoon rest.)
The Case:
– This couple met as dorm-mates their freshman year at Columbia. He graduated cum laude and is now a 2L at Yale; she’s also at Yale, pursuing a PhD in art history.
The Case Against:
– He proposed on her birthday at midnight. “She was in her pajamas and expecting the usual birthday gift . . . ” says their website. Our curiosity is piqued about (a) what kind of pajamas, and (b) the nature of Steve’s “usual birthday gift.”
3. Marin Levy and Joseph Blocher Jr.
(Buy them a popcorn bowl.)
The Case:
– We must admit: We screwed up. This wedding should have been featured in last week’s LEWW, but it fell through the cracks while we were on vacation. Thanks to the eagle-eyed readers who brought it to our attention.
– Massive prestigery here. First, she was cum laude at Yale; he was magna at Rice. They met as students at Yale Law School; they also both have master’s degrees from Cambridge. They also did twin clerkships for the 2nd Circuit lions of New Haven — she for José Cabranes, who officiated at their ceremony, and he for Guido Calabresi.
The Case Against:
– Still joined at the hip, they’re headed to Duke Law School to teach. Duke is in a good position to be crowned ATL’s Douchiest Law School, and it looks like the groom, at least, might feel right at home there.
The Verdict:
Team Levy-Blocher takes this one in a landslide! Congratulations, newlyweds — and enjoy Duke Law!

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