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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 9.20: Maddening

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We suppose it’s fitting that on Yom Kippur, when our Jewish friends are fasting at home, today’s Legal Eagle Wedding Watch is a total WASP-fest. (Last weekend was Rosh Hashanah, which explains the unusual dearth of Jewish nuptials in the NYT announcements.) We look forward to receiving plenty of tasteful feedback about how there are “too many gentiles” this week.
Here are your six finalists — all Biglaw associates, as it happens:

1. Elisabeth Madden and Wesley Mullen
2. Ann Parker and Robert McKeehan
3. Emily Harris and Matthew Mauney

Read all about these couples and evaluate their credentials, after the jump.

1. Elisabeth Madden and Wesley Mullen
(Buy them a gravy boat.)
The Case:
– This couple has twin undergrad degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. The bride has a master’s from the London School of Economics and a JD from Vanderbilt; the groom has a JD from Harvard.
– Lots of Biglaw in this announcement: Lisi is an associate at Milbank Tweed, and her dad — who probably spends twenty percent of his life fake-laughing at lame jokes about his name — is a partner at Shearman & Sterling. Wes is an associate at Davis Polk.
The Case Against:
– No picture, and they appear to have spent their wedding night scrubbing their website of any interesting content. But you can check out their engagement pictures here.
2. Ann Parker and Robert McKeehan
(Buy them a vacuum cleaner.)
The Case:
– Ann and Rob met at Emory Law School, from which they both graduated cum laude (Rob was editor in chief of the law review).
– Ann, who was cum laude at Princeton, is an associate at Arnold and Porter. Rob, who graduated cum laude from Davidson, is an associate at Wilmer.
The Case Against:
– They met on their first day of law school, when Ann tried to get Rob’s attention by talking about Japan:

While Mr. McKeehan seemed unimpressed (“His response was a blank stare,” Ms. Parker recalled) he was in fact delighted, but thought it was too early in the game to seem so interested.
“It was the first day of school,” he said. “You’re playing things close to the vest.”
He eventually struck up a friendship with Ms. Parker, in part because he was looking for a study partner. “Ann was a pretty easy choice, fun to be around, a great sense of humor and easy on the eyes,” he said.

Well, well. Rob, you’re quite the smooth operator. It also appears that you neglected to shower before your engagement photo, but maybe that’s just how the playas play down at Emory Law School.
3. Emily Harris and Matthew Mauney
(Buy them a sandwich tray.)
The Case:
– Another two-JD couple. These two met as law students at Vanderbilt. Emily was magna at Tufts; Matt graduated from Georgetown.
– She’s an associate in Mayer Brown’s Charlotte office. He’s an associate at McGuire Woods.
The Case Against:
– Seriously, Mayer Brown has a Charlotte office?
The Verdict:
– This is a close one. These couples are very evenly matched, but we see a slight edge for Team Parker-McKeehan based on their prestigious Biglaw employment and Rob’s sketchy-but-endearing editor-in-chief persona. Congratulations to all the newlyweds!

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