Meet The Students Who Are Going to Law School for Free

New UCI School of Law logo.JPGWe have devoted a lot of coverage to the new law school at UC-Irvine. It’s hard not to stare at a law school that offer it’s inaugural class free tuition — even if subsequent classes will enjoy the experience of paying through the nose for a public education. We assume they’ve noticed our coverage.
Evidently, UC-Irvine likes the attention. Now the law school wants everybody to meet its inaugural class. In a move that can only be viewed as a direct challenge to the Above the Law community, UC-Irvine has decided to run student profiles on every single student in its first class. All of them.
The first four students are up. Shall we take a look after the jump?

Here’s an important note for all the guys out there. If you absolutely must take a picture with a Star Wars action figure, make sure you are already married. You don’t want to try to score women with a picture of you and a plastic Qui Gon Jinn floating around out there. Luckily, this married father got that memo:
UCI Law student 1.jpg
The writing of the profiles is absolutely top notch. For instance, we learn that another UCI Law student could have a great voice-over career. You know, just in case this whole “legal” thing doesn’t work out:

She speaks in gentle, almost soothing tones, but with a mature clarity that belies her years.

Going through these profiles will make for excellent dinner reading for all of you working late tonight.
But there is a larger issue here. Why would UCI do this? Sure you could argue that the school is just trying to get its students to know each other a little better. But in this day and age, I’m sure these students have Facebook pages. Whatever community building benefits comes from this would be marginal at best.
Instead, these profiles make me feel like UCI Law is trying to capitalize on it’s so-called “most selective” status. Why else are long biographies and video interviews on its external website? The school wants you to look. The school wants you to marvel at the accomplishments of its prestigious incoming class.
So, Above the Law readers, take a look.
But UCI Law students, I wouldn’t read the comments. They are hidden, for your protection.
Inaugural Class Student Profiles [UCI Law]
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(hidden for your protection)

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