Douchiest Law School Contest

The Douchiest Law School: The Final Four Douches

douche.jpgATL Douche Madness continues. This back-to-school special, inspired by, is now down to the Final Four Douches. Nearly 9,000 people voted in the match-ups last round, and more than 9,000 cast votes in the doucheriffic Duke vs. Georgetown contest.
As noted by LEWW, douchage does not necessarily correlate with prestige. In the last round, we saw UVA triumph over Columbia for example.
In our Final Four, we have the #1 and #2 seeds, as ranked by U.S. News, going head to head with two schools tied for the #10 seed.
Check out the match-ups, after the jump. Polls close Thursday night.

Here are the law schools to make it to the Final Four in ATL Douche Madness:
ATL Douche Madness brackets final four.jpg
And here’s the next round of match-ups:

Polls close Thursday at midnight.
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