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Attack of the Stack Whacker at American University – Washington College of Law

american university washington college of law.jpgA female law student at American University – Washington College of Law had an unpleasant Yom Kippur. First, she was at the library at 11 p.m. on a Monday night.

Second, she had some unexpected company.

From an e-mail that went out to WCL students earlier this week:



On Monday, September 28, at approximately 11:00 pm, a male visitor to the Pence Library exposed himself to a WCL female student while in the quiet reading room of the library. The male then ran out of the library and although chased by WCL students across Mass Ave was able to avoid getting caught. During the chase he dropped a bag containing personal papers possible indicating his name but no address.

They say hell has no fury like a women scorned. But the fury of Jezebel over bloggerly treatment of female harassment might be worse. So when one of my male co-editors responded to this tip with, “This is AWESOME. Who wants to do the honors?”, I realized I better handle this one.

At Duke, masturbatory attacks on unsuspecting female students in the Perkins Library stacks happened with some regularity. I thought this was the case at university libraries across the land, but my co-editors tell me such incidents did not occur at their alma maters. Apparently Duke has more in common with AU than with Harvard and Yale.

More on the Attack of the Stack Whacker, after the jump.

More details from the police report:

A WCL female student observed a male sitting two carrels next to her with his pants open gratifying himself while watching the student. When the male noticed her he got up and started running towards the library exit. The student ran after him telling and yelling to stop him. As they ran by the Security desk, a WCL Security Officer chased the male offender across Mass Ave in the direction of 49th Street where the male offender was able to get way.

Description of Suspect:

Caucasian male, 5’9″ tall large build, approximate age 46 with dark thinning hair line dressed in red shirt and dark pants.

A forty-something male — a non-traditional law student, or a D.C. resident with a thing for female lawyers in training?

In any event, consider this a PSA: avoid the WCL library late at night. You might run into the Stack Whacker — or these two horny kids.

UPDATE (8/31/11): Here’s another tale of masturbating in the library.

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