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Do You Date Only Ivy?

love matchmaking sex ivy league.jpgWhen we tried to launch the ill-fated Courtship Connection, a matching service for ATL readers, we were stymied. Matchmaking was hard (especially when people didn’t respond to our e-mails).

Maybe we should have organized singles parties instead. That’s how the Ivy Plus Society operates. Whereas Courtship Connection sought to match up legal types, this dating society wants to bring together potential mates from elite universities. It had its inaugural D.C. event on Friday, reports ABC News:

Requirements for membership in TIPS are strict. Attendees must have attended one of the eight Ivy League schools or a handful of other TIPS-approved institutions. The University of Chicago and the Naval Academy qualify for the list.
If you were a graduate University of Virginia School of Law graduate, OK, you can attend. But, if you studied at UVA only as an undergraduate, sorry. UVA doesn’t make the grade.

[UPDATE: As noted by a commenter, UVA undergrad is now on the list. Perhaps there was an outcry over its original omission?]

“You can only be so superficial for so long,” said one young college graduate at Friday night’s event, who preferred to remain anonymous. He said he’s tired of trying to meet potential mates at general admission bars and parties. “I would like to find people of equivalent educational background — too dicey to go to a bar and find that. It’s nice to know, generally, people are going to be closer to your intellectual range.”

Because it’s not superficial to date only people from top-ranked schools…

So which law schools make the cut for Ivy League Plus?

Here’s the list of schools that will qualify you for Ivy League Plus Society membership:

Air Force Academy
Berkeley (University of California)
Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Duke University
Georgetown University
Harvard University
London School of Economics
Johns Hopkins University
Naval Academy
Princeton University
Stanford University
University of Chicago
University of Pennsylvania
West Point
Yale University
**Graduate programs at the universities listed above, as well as the following:**
Business School:
Anderson – UCLA
Kellogg – Northwestern
Stern – NYU
Law School:
University of Michigan School of Law
University of Virginia School of Law
Medical School:
Baylor College of Medicine
UCLA School of Medicine
UCSF School of Medicine
University of Michigan School of Medicine
University of Washington School of Medicine
Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

UPDATE: It appears the list has been tweaked in various places. Here is the updated version.

We have a track record of dating NYU Law grads and can vouch for its inclusion on the list. We have no personal dating data to share for University of Michigan or UVA, though. Feel free to dish on best law school grads to date in the comments.

So how was the turnout for the inaugural DC event?

“There aren’t that many good-looking women,” said Drew. “I was going to say the same about the men,” interjected Emily. Both agreed that the event’s “Ivy” qualification “definitely” contributed to to the general ambience and makeup of the crowd.

We think ABC News just implied that Ivy Leaguers are not so hot.

What do you think? Is this a well-chosen group of schools? Is academic pedigree important for choosing a mate?

And why did so many law schools get the shaft? Or, rather, not get the shaft?

The Ivy Plus Society [official website]
Ivy Pride: The Next Trend in Meeting Your Mate [ABC News]

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