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Does a Perfect ‘Boot & Rally’ Net You An Offer at Weil?

Weil summer boot.jpgLast month, we asked you to share your stories of summer associate craziness. Based on the responses we received, I feel very sorry for the 2009 summer associates. Obviously the days of summers peeing off the side of a Duck Boat are long gone.
This story we received from summers at Weil Gotshal in New York illustrates the difference between summer 2009 and actual fun:

Did you hear about the Weil partner who got a summer so wasted from shots the summer barfed on himself in the bathroom at a firm event?

Were this year’s summers really so dull that partners had to be the ones to encourage after-work debauchery? I mean seriously, if you can make it to the bathroom, you probably could have had at least one more shot.
The Weil summer rallies after the boot, after the jump.

At least the summer didn’t hide in the bathroom for the rest of the night like a little mouse:

He then went into the bathroom, where the partner and a recruiter helped him take off his button-up shirt (which he had barfed on)… [T]he summer then returned to the bar in just his undershirt and jacket, and kept the party going!

But none of our Weil summer associate tipsters knew the critical answer: did this rally monkey get an offer?
I hope the summer got an offer. It is such a tough legal market right now, people need to know how to get knocked down and come back strong.
We’ve heard a lot about the summer; now we need to hear more about the partner. Word on the street is that this particular partner enjoyed summer associate events more than the average man. Do current Weil associates have the same impression of this guy? Send us an email.
UPDATE: We hear that Boot ‘n Rally got an offer. Congratulations, sir!
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