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Illinois Bar Results Are Out

Illinois Lincoln.JPGTomorrow, the people of Chicago will learn whether or not they’ve won the 2016 Summer Olympics. Today, new lawyers in Illinois will learn whether or not they’ve passed the 2009 Bar Exam.
Granted, becoming a new lawyer in this market is kind of like going to the morgue to score a date. But passing the bar on your first try is probably more important now than it has been in the past. We don’t know how many firms are planning on giving their incoming associates the Bird or the Fox; young lawyers don’t want to give firms any excuse to leave them out in the cold.
You should be able to check your results by logging into your account on iBaby.
We think you can check your results. Click after the jump for more information.

Never forget that we are dealing with Illinois. Last year iBaby couldn’t deal with the influx of people checking to see if they passed. This year a tipster reports:

In an attempt to ward off the server crashes of last year, Illinois apparently decided to release bar exam results in alphabetical order, during the work day. Unfortunately, as best I can tell gauging by my friends, they only made it to “B.” Once everyone heard, they started spamming the site for details, which in turn has once again crashed the website.
So now, only the A’s and B’s know if they passed. The rest of us are angry and out of luck for the time being!!

Ed. Note: We know that results have come out in other states. Students from Utah and Oregon for instance have been begging us to dedicate a full post about their results. It’s not that we don’t care. Feel free to discuss the successes and failures of other states here, or over on our Community section.
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